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Company Profile

Take the customer first, and become the most reliable professional logistics partner for customers

Realize profit growth and scale development, and continuously improve the company's brand awareness and social reputation


Become the most valuable China-Hong Kong logistics service provider and social citizen in the industry


The company has professional managers to provide customers with quotation and documentary services to answer various questions in the transportation process

There is also a dedicated person to follow up with customers and provide customers with all-round support

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  • Gowell Logistics has more than ten years of outstanding experience in China-Hong Kong express delivery and logistics services

  • We have rich experience in logistics services to provide customers with considerate and reliable logistics services

  • We have multiple customs brokers and customs clearance agency resources at major domestic gateways, and have strong customs clearance capabilities

  • Services include one-stop services such as receipt, customs declaration, customs clearance, tax payment, and door-to-door delivery of goods. The goods are delivered directly to domestic customers.

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One-stop service

  • Gowell Logistics will provide you with the most reasonable and dedicated service, and wholeheartedly provide our customers with fast, safe, accurate and economical all-round high-quality services. We are your most reliable logistics partner.

  • From picking up, loading and unloading, document declaration, customs clearance, transshipment, storage, packaging, delivery, customer service and follow-up.

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Achieve scale development

  • Gowell Logistics provides one-stop import and export express and logistics services in China and Hong Kong

  • All-round logistics management and monitoring will build a strong channel and bridge for Sino-Hong Kong trade!

  • Help customers develop a huge market with a population of more than 1.3 billion in the Mainland!

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Customer first

  • In the fierce market competition, companies are committed to adopting a door-to-door China-Hong Kong express service distribution network

  • Gowell Logistics tailor-made the most cost-effective high-quality logistics solutions according to the different needs of customers.
    Help customers reduce costs, improve operating efficiency, and enhance market advantages and core competitiveness

  • Our network covers Hong Kong and the whole country, with a large and complete branch and operating network, it has never been easier to import goods in China.

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