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Value-added services


General trade declaration

The agent general trade wholeheartedly for you including export and import,

Declare through Huanggang or various customs.


We will deliver goods that are more precise, of higher value, larger in size, or cannot be imported in express form, and will be delivered to the mainland more safely and wholeheartedly.


The contents of the goods include: audio-visual equipment, mechanical equipment, aqua, genuine leather, leather, etc...

China-Hong Kong Warehousing Service

Provide professional warehouse management services,

Mobilize senior warehousing management personnel and make full use of branches and distribution centers across the country to serve you wholeheartedly and adopt advanced information systems,

Integrate transportation management, warehouse management and order management, and customize personalized solutions for customer needs.


The warehouses are all transit warehouses with logistics functions, with good ventilation design, skylights with sufficient daylight, fire-proof sensing devices, and standard warehousing equipment such as forklifts and lifting platforms.

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Project customer dedicated service

Set up a national security project team for major customers, implement a project management system, and follow the operating standards, specifications and requirements of the project’s national logistics business.

Select personnel who have many years of industry management experience and have a high sense of responsibility and customer service awareness to join


Wholeheartedly ensure the safety, immediacy and accuracy of the business. Basic members of the project team:

Project manager, project acceptance specialist, full-time customer service, project operation related personnel, financial settlement specialist.

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